Super Love

I might possibly have an obsession with love songs, but I’m in love so it happens. 

This is my new favourite right here! 

I’ll just let it speak for itself though. 

Have a listen 🙂


Narcissism. We’re all Guilty.

Being a human being I have noticed a few things about human beings. We are very narcissistic.

Looking at a simple definition is is clear that everyone is guilty.



– inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity.

an exceptional interest in or admiration for oneself, esp one’s physical appearance.

Excessive love or admiration of oneself.

A consuming self-absorption or self-love; a type of egotism.

Narcissists constantly assess their appearance, desires, feelings, and abilities.

Now, I don’t think people are like this all of the time.

Having good self-esteem is very important but I feel there is a line to be crossed and some people cross it.

Our society promotes this narcissistic behavior.

Social media promotes it.

What we  are left with is a society that it overly obsessed with how they look.

We get the “selfie”.

We get a young generation being brought up to think that it’s normal to see people in public making faces and taking pictures of themselves on their phone.

It’s great for people to be shameless, sometimes, but there is definitely something more going on here.

I want to take a look into history and find out the history of the “selfie” to find out if it’s just us, the current generation, that is so facisnated with ourselves.

The self portrait has been around for much longer than cameras and smartphones.

Is there a difference between the “selfie” and a self portrait?

 The self portrait of the past would be for important events, a selfie is all the time, any time, wherever, whenever.

That is what a selfie really is. It’s a self portrait that decided, “hey this important event stuff is too lame for me, I’m going to branch out!”

Before self portraits in the form of photographs, it was artists that created self portraits. (not just anybody)

According to the University of Maryland Baltimore County, “since the fifteenth century and the advent of the mirror artists have modeled for themselves in their own works of art.”

This was the case for a variety of reasons it could be for an in-depth exploration of the artist’s own psyche or simply because as a model, the artist is clearly the cheapest and most available.

“self-portraits are known to go back as far as the Amarna Period (c. 1365 B.C. ) of Ancient Egypt. Pharaoh Akhenaten’s chief sculptor Bak carved a portrait of himself and his wife Taheri out of stone”

Jean Fouquet’s self-portrait (c. 1450)

“Self-portrait as the Ecce Homo”, c.1500



“Self-portrait”, 1512

“Self-portrait”, 1659

Self Portrait, 1889 by Vincent Van Gogh

“Self-portrait”, 1901

According to BBC News,

“The first self-portrait photograph is thought to have been taken by camera pioneer Robert Cornelius in 1839, but whether or not it’s a true “selfie” is debatable.

“It’s likely he may have had a friend or assistant to make the actual exposure,” says Dr Michael Pritchard, historian and director general of the Royal Photographic Society.”


Robert Cornelius, self portrait, 1839.


In the 1880’s, the self timing shutter was created. It allowed 5 or 10 seconds for the person to get in the shot.

Also according to BBC News, sharing our self portraits pre-dates the internet.

In the 1860’s sharing little photo cards became very popular.

The Polaroid first came along in 1948. It didn’t become truly instant until the 1970’s but was still very popular because, just like the cameras of today, it could be held at arms length.

It encouraged people to take more intimate photos.

Old, and I mean very old cameras, had very long exposure time and because of that the subject had to stay very still for  long time, often leading to more formal looking photographs.

With the technological advances and very short exposure time, people can click a photo at any time.


Formal or not.

No matter how I look at it, it’s obvious that throughout history people have been fascinated with documenting their appearance.

Everyone has their own reasons I suppose.

Some more vain than others.

This post started as me talking about narcissism and social media, more specifically the “selfie”, but as I researched and thought more about it, I realised that the conflict here is not about people being too into themselves. The real issue is that the self portrait has turned onto something anyone can do, without real thought.

Now the definition of art is vague, but I feel that the “selfie” takes away from the true art form that is a self-portrait.

A selfie doesn’t say anything about who we really are, deep down, it’s superficial.

Art is deeper, and it deserves more attention.

More attention than these “selfies”.

A self portrait conveys a message, gives insight into the person that is in the portrait.

A self-portrait isn’t about narcissism, it’s about opening up and showing some vulnerability.

“Self-portraits, we have found, can be carefully staged to show the audience only what the artist wishes to project, or deeply revealing, inadvertently displaying feelings of anguish and pain. Whichever way artists choose to construct their images, they are each forced to study their own personas both physically and emotionally.” – UMBC

If you haven’t seen a “selfie” before, you haven’t missed anything.

but here is a link to a twitter search #selfie. 

A modern day “selfie” really doesn’t say much about who we are.  We use them to try and rid ourselves of our insecurities by getting compliments. We use then to boast about how we look. It’s an obsession of the self, and it’s not healthy.

According to psychiatrist Dr David Veal: “Two out of three of all the patients who come to see me with Body Dysmorphic Disorder since the rise of camera phones have a compulsion to repeatedly take and post selfies on social media sites.”

“Cognitive behavioural therapy is used to help a patient to recognize the reasons for his or her compulsive behaviour and then to learn how to moderate it,” he told the Sunday Mirror.

 Danny Bowman became so obsessed with capturing the perfect shot that he would spend roughly 10 hours per day taking up to 200 selfies trying to get the perfect shot

I think it’s important to be confident in who you are, and be happy with how you look. But our society puts way too much energy into making sure we look a certain way, the average person spends too much time taking photos of themselves and judging themselves.

There is more to life than a pretty face.

It would be wise to think about why you take selfies, is it really just fun or is there an underlying cause that makes you obsessed?

Take a deeper look into who you are, and what you feel. That is Art.

The End of the Beginning

This is my last post that is required for my summer class

I do not know if I’ll continue my blog

I might

With my summer classes ending I need to focus on my true passions

My art and my family

I must create for my degree but I feel I must create to feel whole

It’s rewarding to have a vision and make that vision come to life

That is what art does for me

I have so many projects lined up but always feel like I need more structure

I sometimes have to force myself to draw or to even just brain storm

it is what I love to do

but it isn’t always easy


you are good

and I will continue to remind myself to cherish you

I want my art to reflect my life

the good and the bad

the good will over power the bad

just as it always should

this is the end of my required blog posting

and possibly the beginning of my “willy-nilly, go with the flow, post if you want” blog

My Empire

The world is my oyster?

That’s a common phrase right?

I don’t know if that’s accurate.

I’d say the world is my empire.

I am the Empress

And my husband is the Emperor

That’s better than King and Queen right?

haha it sounds better

I like it

The world is ours

and we can do anything we want

it just so happens that all we want is to be together and eat good food

I mean I would also enjoy a beach house in Portugal

like somewhere near here woud be okay

and maybe 12 kids

with their golden brown skin and dark brown eyes

I’m not sure what this post was originally going to be about but now I feel like it’s about my EMPIRE

the world is mine

The world is OURS ❤

London? Really? Okay, I guess.

I’ll be going to London is rougly 5 months.

146 days to be EXACT.

I’ll be there for about a month.

I get married in 171 days.

I’m excited for that.


Eventually I’ll live in London

Probably less than a year from now.

London, England.

There are a few things I’m excited to see and do and experience in London.

It’s very diverse and with that comes food from all over the world.

I’m excited for the food.

And I do enjoy the underground.

I’ll be with my husband.

and that’s pretty much all I’m excited for.

I guess I don’t really hold London to this high and mighty standard.

I just think it’s a place where people live.

I’m sure it’s going to be great

I’m sure of it

I’ll love it



I’ve been trying to understand what Reggae is

First thing that comes to mind when I think of Reggae is Bob Marley

But there is no way that he is the only Reggae artist

I mean that’s obvious

But it’s apparent that he is very well known throughout the world

I am doing a graphic design project/contest for my Junior review

and the project is to create a poster about Reggae

It’s very vague

and wide open

Which is good because it allows for more creativity

but also it makes it more difficult to decide specifically what I want to create

I don’t know a lot about Reggae

and I thought that by choosing this project I’d get to learn about something new

which will be fun

So I have been listening to Reggae music on Pandora

and trying to figure out what it is exactly

I mean I know it opriginated from Jamaica

and I know what it sounds like

but it’s hard to pin down into a single poster

When I think of Reggae I think of  two different things

1. light hearted dance music about getting high (smoking the marajuana)

2. highly political or religious music that causes the listeners to think about the world

I associate Reggae with the Rastafari movement but I don’t know if I should be

Some people use the term Reggae to describe popular Jamacian music

and while I think the Rastafari philosophy heavily influences people of Jamacia, I don’t think that all Jamacians are Rastas

So what is Reggae?

I don’t want to design a stereotypical Bob Marley poster with red, yellow, green, and black

I want to be true to what Reggae is

and I just don’t know where to start

oh Reggae

you confuse me